Trisilco CNY

Dear valued customers & associates,


Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜发财!


This year’s celebration might be panning out differently this year but we wish it is as joyous as the years before for you.


A friendly notice, our CCRIS 2020 enhancement has met BNM guidelines and the new updates are as follow:



  • To allow submission of SDIS 7B.6 Source of Fund for Repayment as blank and SDIS 7B.8 Amount Repaid During the Month (RM) more than 0 when SDIS 6 Currency Code is ‘MYR’.
  • To allow Postcode combination with multiple State Code
  • To allow SDIS 5.5 Approved Limit Currency and SDIS 5.6 Approved Limit in RM Equivalent to be reported as RM0 for selected Facility Type.



New Field to be introduced for SDIS2 Corporation

  • To incorporate new ID format for SSM entities
  • To introduce a new field i.e. ID Number 2 for nonindividual entities (SDIS 2).
  • To incorporate new ID format in SDIS Export File



To allow Postcode combination with multiple State Code

  • To incorporate value with the combination with postcode and state code in A file
  • This will be impacted in SDIS1 – Individual, SDIS2 – Corporation, Collateral Property


We are away on the 12th and 13th and will be back on Monday on February 15th. Happy holidays, and enjoy Chinese New Year! Spend undivided time with your loved ones. This year may be different but the spirit remains. 

We would like to personally thank you for being a part of us. Appreciate the time you have spent working with us! We value your precious time to work alongside us, we’re very thankful. Here’s to more years working together!


May this year of ox brings you the charm of relentless hard work and resilience.

We hope your home is filled with great health, wealth, and happiness! Happy Chinese new year from Trisilco.