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PIDM Deposit Liability System (PDLS)

PIDM Deposit Liability System (PDLS) – developed by Trisilco IT for the Member Institutions (MI) deposit information submission in Standardized File Format (SDD) to PIDM Deposit Insurance System.

PDLS has the following goals that will not only meet PIDM requirements but also the expectations through:

Increase Productivity and Functionality

Robust, Flexibility and Reliability

Promotes One Stop Customer Deposit Exposure

Future Expandability

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PDLS objectives to deliver

  1. Processing of SFF data in a timely, consistent and reliability approach
    • Scheduled or manual import of host files.
    • ETL engine perform loading and transformation to SFF
    • Auto calculation of premium by product based on differential premium system regulation.
    • Automatic validation rules against PIDM submission criteria for record submission.

2. Quick turnaround data rectification and verification reported from PIDM

    • User accessible web based front end allows for search, view and editing of deposit information for purpose of verification on data and associated premium.
    • MIS reports

3. Expandable to meet future PIDM requirements

    • Definition of import rules, conversion rules, and premium calculation rules through PDLS Backend Designer Tool allows ease of rule building and subsequent rule changes.

PDLS Key Benefit

Fast Performance Processing

The architecture of PDLS has taken a new approach with the focus of fast performance processing. 

Using the Thin Client approach, this method has been proven to process data in a sectional manner by dividing (splitting process) and assigning bulk-processing tasks to the Server. The approach has also been taken to improve the report generation so as to retrieve reports in a speedy manner. As a majority of processes goes to the Server, the Thin Client becomes a more interactive and efficient response for the user.

Another fast-performing process incorporated in the PDLS is the Parameter-driven approach where processes can be controlled through its parameters. The processes can be prioritized and adjusted to process much faster. 

Ease of Maintenance

With the use of Business Rules function, the SFF conversion process can be simplified and flexible to accommodate conversion changes and complexity through the use of a script-based processing.

Data maintenance of the SFF becomes much easier with the incorporation of the Drill-down capability. Records of the SFF can easily be located and retrieved for review and amendments.


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