BlogNovember 2, 2021

(Webinar) Automate Your Document-centric Processes with Newgen’s ActiveScript

The pandemic has disrupted businesses globally, and document-centric processes are the worst hit. Enterprises like yours must act immediately to restore manual and partially automated processes.

Newgen’s OmniDocs ActiveScript can help you automate your financial institution’s document-centric processes and rapidly deploy them on the cloud.

We bring this webinar to you to help you understand how you can start automating your finance processes and keep adding more processes free of cost with the Newgen OmniDocs ActiveScript Solution.

Join Newgen and Trisilco IT experts as they deep-dive into ActiveScript. Get in-depth insights into end-to-end automation of document-centric processes with ActiveScript for—accounting processes, including account payable and invoice management, account opening, consumer loan application, mortgage loan application, retail loan process, credit/debit card issuance, employee onboarding, and many more.


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